The Bible Overview-Why read it?

The Bible is actually a collection of books…66 books with 40 different authors. The word “bible” is from the latin word “biblia” meaning books (plural). It is a reliable collection […]

New Podcast Available!

Join Scott Boyer, Eric Bango, Roger Simmons, Wayne Holloway, David Herrick, Rashad Morris, Kevin Beckford, & Noble Headley in an insightful, honest, & respectful discussion in which real, eye opening […]


I was enjoying myself in the hot tub at my hotel, just looking at the water and I thought, “A man walked on top of this!” And it was much […]


In our missionary work in the Philippines, there has been a lot of talk of terrorism. Of course, this certainly isn’t limited to the Philippines. Nevertheless, it was time to […]

Healing Confessional

I’m not against medicine, but the Word is more potent than any pill man could possibly make. When you believe and speak forth the Word into your circumstances, that which […]

What Is A Christian?

With all of the perspectives on this subject, a church on every corner, and a variety of views from Christian radio stations, what really is a Christian? One of my […]


I felt the need to respond to a question regarding homosexuality. I hope to shed some light on the subject because I have been privileged to have countless discussions with […]

Evangelism Highlights

People are NOT projects.  Essentially, they are like sheep without a shepherd (Mt 9:36).  There is no one perfect formula because people receive in different ways, are in different stages […]

God’s Will

Let’s talk about God’s will. But in doing so, we’ll have to address the big question of God and His sovereignty. Is He in control? Why does He allow bad […]

Letting God Loose In Us

When I think about some of my personal heroes, I think about John G. Lake, George Muller, Joe Clark, the Apostle Paul, etc. Something sticks out to me regarding men […]