I was enjoying myself in the hot tub at my hotel, just looking at the water and I thought, “A man walked on top of this!” And it was much more turbulent than this whirlpool I was relaxing in. It was smack dab in the middle of a raging storm. Then God reminded me, “Don’t ever forget this aspect of me.” Interestingly enough, my pastor began a series on miracles that very next week. So I began to remind myself of the fact that Christianity is a very miraculous thing. You cannot be a Christian and not believe in miracles. The Bible is full of miracles and many times we read right through them. But consider these documented miracles:

-A withered hand instantly became whole (Matthew 12)

-An iron axe head floated (2 Kings 6)

-The Red Sea was parted long enough for people to walk safely through it (Exodus 14)

-A man’s chains fell off on their own and prison doors opened up untouched as he walked out of prison Scott-free (Peter in Acts 12)

-A hunchbacked woman (for 18 long years) could immediately walk and stand up straight (Luke 13)

-A bunch of jars of oil were filled and sold to pay off a debt using only one pot of oil (2 Kings 4)

-A barren woman had a child after someone prayed for her (2 Kings 4)

-A leprous king got healed…his skin becoming soft like a baby’s (2 Kings 5)

-A man came back to life after being dead four days (John 11)

-A woman was laid out with a fever, but by touch, the fever disintigrated (Matthew 8)

-The Israelites were protected from the 10 plagues while the land of Goshen was a place of refuge as the Egyptians got hammered (Exodus 7-11)

Honestly, the list goes on and on. I’ve barely scratched the surface. But these things really happened! I’ve witnessed unexplained miracles in my own life. Rhose & I got word that one of her neighbors she grew up with in the Philippines became sick. They had tried everything and were now asking for money. So we not only prayed, but we took a cloth and got together with some friends who really believe these things, and prayed over the cloth. We then sent the cloth along with some Scriptures from the Bible to encourage her and get her faith up. She got completely healed! I know it sounds strange, but the same type of thing was recorded in Acts 19:12. Folks got healed after getting pieces of cloth from Paul, as well. Another time, I was on a road trip through the plains of Illinois when I saw a dust heap begin to form. Suddenly, I could hear my tires screeching. I thought, “What in the world?” I realized it was a tornado being formed and it was sucking our SUV into it! I woke up my snoozing family members and we began to pray and speak to that tornado to move. And it just died down to nothing. Sound crazy? That’s exactly what Jesus did when He calmed the storm in Mark 4. Not only did He do some pretty miraculous things, but He told His disciples that they could see the very same results if they’d only believe (Mark 11:22-26). I came off of a flight once only to see a man getting shocked with a defibrillator so many times that he was turning horror movie purple. I was watching this from a distance but it was very disturbing. People all around seemed so helpless. But I remembered that we aren’t helpless. I stretched out my hands toward that old man that was flatlined and he rose up and his wife gave him a big hug!

We can have and experience what we read in that Bible! If we are hooked up to God, miracles should be a thing in our life. They shouldn’t be “unbelievable” things, but things we expect to see and enjoy in our lives and those around us. Just hanging out with Jesus in the Scriptures should begin to affect us, to rub off on us. In fact, Jesus said that various signs would follow believers (Mark 16:16). I am ruined for God. When I see blind people in my life, I can’t help but think how it’s possible for them to see again. Those types of desires and perspectives are only natural when you realize Jesus is real, the Scriptures are real, and miracles are real. Miracles, gifts, and power have not passes away. They are just as available as they were then. People who were sick then needed a miracle. Today, even with all of our advanced technology, there are still people dying of sicknesses and diseases that are said to have no cure. Well, I’m telling you that there is a cure. There is a perfect physician. His name is Jesus and He has not changed (Hebrews 13:8). You do not have to die sick. You do not have to live with that ailment. You do not have to remain broke. You do not have to stay addicted. There is miraculous deliverance available today! Oh that men would believe this Bible! Oh that men would praise the Lord!

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