Letting God Loose In Us

When I think about some of my personal heroes, I think about John G. Lake, George Muller, Joe Clark, the Apostle Paul, etc. Something sticks out to me regarding men like these. I’ve been asking myself just what it is. None of these guys were perfect. What seems to stand out is their simple and undiluted faith in God. They had no problem being small as long as God would be big in their own lives. Paul writes about how when he was with the Corinthians, he didn’t come to them with excellency of speech or wisdom declaring the testimony of God. He mentions how they saw him “in weakness and in fear and in much trembling”. He talks about how his preaching wasn’t with persuasive words of human wisdom, BUT in the demonstration of the Spirit and of power. Why? So that the people’s faith wouldn’t be in the wisdom of man, but in the power of God.

God is real. His power is real, whether you’re seeing it on a regular basis or not. I believe it’s time we stop trusting in our good looks, our ability to explain the Bible, our giving record, our own gifts or strengths and trust God to demonstrate His power in and through us with a pure and undiluted faith…a childlike faith. George Muller said that the reason he stepped out in faith to build an orphanage was so that others could see God’s ability and it would inspire others to trust Him, as well. That is a big reason why we’re doing what we’re doing. We are also very excited to see the Jasmine Rhose Foundation get running. We won’t let fear or doubt hinder God’s desired results…for He cares for people beyond anything else. We want to remind you that there is NOTHING too difficult for God (Genesis 18:14). If there is something that is brewing inside of you that you believe God has birthed, then we encourage you to take that first step of faith out onto the water and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, not on the wind and the waves. Anything is possible to the one that believes (Matthew 19:26). Not only will He provide for you, but will also give you the grace and strength to do what He called you to do. Remember that He is on your side!

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