Who is this guy?


Scott works for a major airline as a flight attendant, which he says has been “tailor made” for him because of the wide variety of people he gets to meet. He & his wife are the founders of an orphanage in the Philippines called The Jasmine Rhose Foundation. Scott speaks at various churches, youth correctional facilities, Teenchallenge, rehabilitation centers, etc. Whether it is one person or 1,000, Scott ultimately loves to preach & break down God’s Word in effort to communicate His love towards the things that God loves & values most: people. He has written a book entitled “On The Brink” available on this site and has another on the way. His heart is mainly twofold; for Christians to become relevant and for all to see God for who He truly is. You can contact Scott through this website for possible booking.


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In my observation, most people are "asleep at the wheel" spiritually. My desire is for all to see the beauty & truth of the Bible and its Author. Through the internet & social media, we can now express ourselves in a myriad of ways. I just hope this expression helps people get closer to God, as well as bring glory to His Name.